Irish Captain

At our brewing laboratory, often referred to as my kitchen, my small team tries to find unique and exciting ways of making cold brew better. We laugh, we cry, and sometimes we succeed. This latest experiment is a simple change up of a desert drink using our Captain's Cold Brew in a bottle. We take home made Irish Cream, pour half over ice, and fill the glass with Captain's Cold Brew. The caramel notes and milkiness compliment other quite well and make for a relaxing beverage in hot and cold climates alike.


1) Irish Cream - You can either buy your favorite from the store or use a version of this recipe from The Hungry Mouse. We strongly recommend the home made approach so you can impress your friends and add some personal flare to your creation. However, your standard Irish Cream from the liquor store will suffice.

2) Glass of Ice

3) Captain's Cold Brew


1) Fill half the glass with Cold Brew

2) Fill the remainder with Irish Cream

3) Stir

4) Drink

Simple? We thought so. You may, of course, adjust the beverage to your tasting but we recommend not dropping beyond a 1/3-2/3 mix. In such a case, one beverage tends to overpower the other.

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