Introducing High Jump Roast

We are excited to introduce to our ROASTe audience, our amazing light roast, High Jump!   With our signature chocolate and carmel base, lemony citrus, and rich coffee flavor, it's a guaranteed winning shot of espresso or pour over.   

High Jump Roast from Deep Cello

In the 10 weeks since it was introduced on our website and in stores in Oregon, it has quickly become one of our top selling coffees.

From our website: "An excellent gourmet roasted coffee: syrupy rich coffee flavor, deep chocolate and caramel flavor, with hints of mint, apricots for some tasters. It’s super great and very popular. In the densely-bodied cup are buttery, chocolaty and stone fruit overtones typical of the finest African coffee. It’s acidity is low and it has a long, wet finish which actually improves as the coffee cools. It’s great black or with a little cream.

We look forward to ROASTe customers telling us what they think of the drink!  :)

The Team at Deep Cello 

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