Insight Roasters - El Savador Finca Aconcagua

I had the pleasure yesterday being able to make another trip to a coffee shop near my in-law's home in Modesto, CA, the Serrano Social Club. I have spoken about it in a past blog and have been there a few times since and have not been disappointed yet by the coffee served to me.

Anyway, I noted in a previous blog that they have their regular roaster, Barefoot Roasters, which they serve and then have a rotating one. This past visit they serving up Insight Roaster. This make me pretty curious because I had yet to hear about Insight Roasters. To make the choice even easier their espresso machine was down so no friendo espresso for me.

So with my wife anxiously waiting, I just got a cup of drip coffee. Now I am talking about one of their hand poured ones, just your traditional auto-drip. Unforunately for me I know it was their El Salvadoe coffee. So it was with great surprise when no joke I had one of best cups of coffee I have had in a long while.

This El Savador was remarkably bright, but not over powering. A very nice balance in the cup of the sweet and acidity. My description does not give this cup justice, all I know is that the rest of day I had strong desire to sit here on Roaste and try to find an El Savador coffee to try.

This cup of coffee should not be a big surprise for me since Insight Roasters, was born out of Temple Coffee Roasters, both from Sacramento. Temple is a pretty well known coffee roasters in my area and have set a high bar for themselves. I would be interested to know if anyone else has any experience with Insight Coffee.

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