Inker Porcelain - Tulip

I think I have just about chronicled the wide variety of items that I have gotten over the holidays except for perhaps my favorite gift a set of these Inker Porecelain cups. I was forunate enough to receive two espresso cups and two latte cups (8 oz.), but come with saucers as well, which are included in the price.

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I really like these cups for a variety of reasons, namely they are just gorgeous in both color and shape. These specific ones are their tulip design, which I believe the main different between the other designs is the round handle. The espresso cup is easy to hold by pinching it by the handle and the latte cup can be held by putting one finger through the handle. I do admit that the latte cup may be a little hard to hold by the handle for someone with large hands,

Speaking of the handles the cups are easy to hold and have a good amount of heft to them, i.e. these are not the cups to get if you like drinking your coffee from bone china. Personally I like the feel of the thick porcelain while drinking my espresso, it's even thicker than the Konitz cups that I have that are of a nice heft themselves. These cups are actually made for cafe's so think of that when thinking of their heft.

Due to them being made for cafes instead of home use I am very confident in them being able hold up to the rigors of daily use. While I have not dropped them yet I have no doubt they should be fine in the evident they slip out of a soapy hand in the sink or onto the kitchen floor. Along with that the saucers are also the same quality as the cups and add a bit of elegance when serving them to other people.

One of the great things about this line is they come in a lot of colors, from the traditional to mint green. And please do take a closer look at them from Orphan Espresso, great experience and these cups also come in a smaller 6 oz. size as well.

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