Initial goals for my coffee blog...

Hi welcome to my blog.  I am a coffee addict.  I lived in Venice in 2005
and converted from a passion for brewed coffee to espresso at that
time.  Unfortunately at the time the main thing I learned how to do was
drink coffee and only later did I learn how to pull decent shots.

Like many who become serious about espresso my first machine was a La
Pavoni lever machine.  I also thought about other machines, but as much
as anything the looks of the Pavoni won me over.  It turns out it is a
good choice for taste, too, unlike some machines in its price range, but
it is certainly not the best machine there is.  Then again, much to my
shock I later realized that home machines run up to $10,000.  The lucky
thing is that someone who is willing to learn can pull shots much better
on a $1,000 machine than someone who is not willing to learn can pull
on a $10,000 machine.

I will certainly have another post about machines, soon.

My goal is to chronicle some of the great things I've learned about
espresso and help beginners start out with a faster learning process
than I had when I was learning. 

In theory what took me 3-4 years could be easily learned in a few weeks or months.  I'd love it if I could help someone do that.

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