Impulse coffee buys

I am a gambler at heart. I will buy something based on the name alone. I was looking over a couple of purchases that I have made on Roaste and so far (knock on wood) my impulse buys have been good. At least for me.  The names that come to mind for me were:

Klatch Poizon Blend -Klatch Coffee

White Done Wright Coffee-Avion Coffee

Guatemala Santa Isabel Single Estate Espresso - The West Bean

Caveman Kicker Coffee - Rogue Coffee Roasters 

The title of "most different"  would go to White Done Wright. The grounds are blonde. They call it "toasted" not roasted! I really liked it. A good description would be to think of it like a Chinese tea compared to a regular "black" tea. It is very mild with a strong nutty flavor and taste. Friends of mine are not fans of it but I would order it again for me. The friends did like it mixed with other coffee before brewing. Two scoops of the blonde coffee and two scoops of a darker blend. The nutty flavor was milder but still good. 

I have more impulse buys coming up. I forgot to add one to my wishlist that one of the frequent bloggers (I forgot who as well!) recommended. I do remember commenting on it so if you remember me saying I wanted to try the coffee that you blogged about please let me know which one it was!  

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