For the longest time I remained ignorant of quality coffee found beyond the espresso world. This was my own doing, I had shunned it all because of so many bad experiences at the hands of others. Well, one day at work I asked a barista for my morning cortado. She told me that the espresso was not pulling very well this morning and suggested something else or said I could still have the cortado. I decided to listen to the pro and said make me whatever you feel like.

About five or six minutes later I had 10 ounces of black coffee in front of me. I was told that it was pour over from a Chemex. I was not excited about the cup after the description, but she is one of the better baristas I know so I threw caution into the wind and took a sip. WOW. I was completely blown away by the complexity in the cup. The nuance and flavors. Instantly, my view on the coffee world had exploded. I needed to learn more about other brew methods.

Of course, this meant I had to revisit all of my favorite coffee shops and change my ordering habits. Rather than getting an espresso or two, I started ordering pour overs, drip, cold brew and more. The whole experience made me more able to enjoy coffee as a whole and even espresso, my original coffee love, more!

Now I am in the process of saving for a Chemex, kettle and Coava Kone so I can try to recreate my original experience at home. At the same time, I have been experimenting with cold brew at home and brewing with an Aeropress. Who knows what will come next. Of course, I'm always open to suggestions! Maybe experimenting with roasting is next.

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