If you're ever in Canton, OH

A ten hour drive across some of the most repetitive countryside to attend a wedding only to return a day later doesn't sound like the best way to spend a weekend.

But sometimes you have to make sacrifices for a friend. Only later did I realize that my wife and I would be crossing the most expensive toll-way system in the U.S.

We must have spent 35 or 45 dollars before it was all over. 

We stayed at the Grand Hotel. Apparently a historic landmark but it  seemed to be stuck in the most non interesting location. Why am I telling you all this? Be cause I made

a most wonderful discovery. While at the wedding I met a fellow coffee snob who just loves to talk coffee and share her favorite cafe haunts. So after the reception we made plans to meet 

at her most favorite cafe in Canton. It has the coolest name I've heard yet, "Muggswigz" coffee and tea co. (Roastery,Brewery,Swigery). The weird thing is that this place is just around the 

corner from my hotel and across from McDonalds. All the windows tinted so dark that you wouldn't even know they were open for business. This place is a cross between a cafe 

( extremely casual ) and beatnik poetry cave. Although this is no basement cafe.

The Baristas really know their business! No elitist attitudes just great service and leave you alone. They have this one drink which I can't remember the name of but the taste sure lasts.

The next day at 7 am. we went back bought a beautiful mug with their logo on it ( a weakness of mine ) and ofcourse a coffee. So let that be a lesson to me.

Never judge a city before you find the Coffee shop.

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