Iced Coffee Aces Out Energy Drinks As Quick Energy Source

Iced Coffee is the newest cold weather trend. You heard that right. Cold weather, as in winter, is no barrier to enjoying freezing chilled coffee, which in summer is a welcome cooler. So just when you thought your favorite coffee shop was going to put the ice-maker away, think again.

Several articles described the recent independent study commissioned by Dunkin’ Donuts. Of the 500 iced coffee drinkers across the US, almost 80% are drinking more iced coffee than they did a year ago. Of those who drink iced coffee, 56% prefer it to hot coffee. During the last three years, 48% of iced coffee drinkers started becoming its fans during the winter.

Here’s the kicker: The most often cited reason (42%) for this new coffee love is that iced coffee provides more energy. In answer to which drink they preferred when they need energy, a whopping 64% said iced coffee. Second and third choices were energy drinks and carbonated beverages.

It’s not hard to see why hot coffee didn’t make the cut: the secret to Dunkin’s iced coffee - the industry standard-setter - is called “Double Brewing”. Twice the amount of coffee is used for brewing these drinks, which is then poured over ice cubes. This is to keep quality and taste high, presumably because the ice will dilute the brew after a few minutes of melting. So with twice the coffee, it’s no wonder these drinks ratchet up the energy.

Before you jump to the conclusion that this is proof of global warming, it’s interesting to note that 10% of these iced coffee fans admitted to using gloves to hold their frigid cups. Since this was a national survey, it could be that this 10% included the northern states responders, while the rest lived in warmer winter climates like California and Florida. Or possibly they drank their icy concoctions in front of the cozy fireplaces of many upscale coffee shops. After all, the survey did NOT include a question as to “favorite place to drink iced coffee”.

Regardless, the survey points out an interesting characteristic of our contemporary culture: a large number of us appear to need a lot of extra energy, and beverages play a key role in filing the energy void.

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