I think I just rolled over in my grave...

This is a bit of rant so bear with me...

I hate to continue the mermaid bashing, but I was at a Target the other night that had a certain coffee company located inside of it and heard a conversation between the checkout girl nearest to the coffee shop having a rather awful conversation with the Barista. It went something like this;

Barista: Hey! How do you make an Americano?

Checkout Girl: Add hot water to the espresso!

Barista: Thanks! Oh wait... it's an iced Americano.

Checkout Girl: Oh! Just add cold water to it then.

Barista: How many shots it's a venti.

Checkout Girl: Four!

Now isn't that just the most awful conversation you have ever heard! Honestly, if you frequent this certain coffee shop please do so at a stand alone location.

I just don't understand how the above conversation can even happen and why it happened between two people about 15 feet apart no less. I do not even know what I would do if that was my order, I think I might just ask for a brewed cup of coffee or my money back.

The problem that I have with it is not that the person did not know how to make an Americano or an iced Americano, what I have a problem with it is that she was not trained to make an Americano, which is a pretty standard drink for any coffee shop serving espresso. This just cannot be good coffee.

*my future self is rolling over in its grave, in the far far distant future.*

This just shows us that if you want coffee maybe you should spend a few more minutes and get your coffee before you get to Target. Or at the very least just get some drip coffee as I am sure that is not an isolated incident as Target employees are asked to put the Barista apron.

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