I know you are not supposed to cry over spilled milk but what about coffee?

When does a glass of iced coffee equal one and a half pots of hot coffee and a full pitcher of iced coffee? Let me tell you about it....

Last night before going to bed I made a batch of iced coffee using the cold method (putting grounds and water into the fridge and letting time brew the coffee).  I used West Bean's Java Saguling (http://www.roaste.com/product/West-Bean/Java-Saguling#comment-1119). I brought the pitcher out today to have a glass (the temps are in the 80s and I do not have air conditioning so I was really looking forward to it.) I put the pitcher on the counter and go get a clean glass. I slip (twisting my ankle) and hit the pitcher. It does a perfect dive and spills all over the floor. Nothing like coffee grounds and cold, wet coffee on the floor.

I still want ice coffee. I make a batch of hot (still using the Java Saguling) and clean the carpet and floor while waiting for the coffee to brew. The smell is incredible. I am finished mopping up the floor. I pour the coffee into the pitcher so it can cool off. I put it on the counter and move the dishwasher to hook it up to the sink. Something flies at me. I yell and jump back - bumping into the pitcher on the counter. The pitcher does a repeat performance of the previous perfect dive. Now I have hot coffee on the floor.

I have been known to be on the stubborn side and I REALLY want coffee. I use up the last of my Jave Saguling for a third try. I only have enough to make half a pot. I am super careful and again clean the carpet while waiting for the coffee to be done. This time I am not going to pour it out of the pot - I turn off the coffee pot and let it sit. I get my glass, add a couple of things and carefully pour into my glass. No accidents this time. Just coffee. 

Now to finish cleaning the kitchen. I could go for more iced coffee. Wonder what will happen if I make another pot....?

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