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I am getting to that point in probably a few days that I will be picking up another bag of coffee either on here or through various local means of getting some nice fresh roasted coffee. However, one of the biggest problem is that there is a lot of coffee out there especially when you consider all of the roasters that you can pick up here on Roaste or anywhere else on the internet for that matter, really sometimes it feels like decision paralysis.

So really what I am getting with the above post is that I have my little stable of roasters that I like to get coffee from most of the time, they are proven and from the handful or two that I like to order from it provides a good deal of variety BUT I do not want to be left out of the dark if there are other roasters I should be choosing from. Likewise I think it would be shame if some of the roasters that I really like and order from quite a bit are not on the short list of other people's go to roasters.

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area makes it pretty easy to just sit back and pick up local bag after local bag of coffee. However, not only would I be missing out, I gotta be honest and say that some of the coffee here is roasted too light for my tastes, which says a little something so without further ado here is my shortish list of go to roasters.

Here on Roaste:

AJ Coffee (new addition but one order of two different ones is enough for me), Deep Cello, Brown Coffee Co, PT's Coffee, Mr. Esprsso.


Catahoula, Philz, Sightglass, Verve and Barefoot.

Else where on the internet:

Stumptown, Redbird Coffee, Counter Culture Coffee, Velton's

Now there are plently of others out there that I would like to try. I especially have my eye on Metropolis Coffee and Social Coffee Co out of Canada as ones that are else where on the internet that I would like to try. As far as the local ones around me I do vary from that list for a bag of Blue Bottle once in a while, but do generally stay away from Ritual too light for me!

BUT here on Roaste there are so many roasters are there any that I am missing that have not been reviewed a lot that might be worth checking out?  Perhaps Pura I have been having good luck with Texas roasters!

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