How often do you change coffees?

How often do you change coffees in a week?

I notice one major difference between the way that I drink coffee and the way that my wife drinks coffee that I find interesting.  She pointed it out to me the other day when I poured a cup of coffee for her that she really liked – she said “just give me this coffee every day for the rest of my life.”  This is by the way also the way her parents drink coffee and the way my parents tend to drink coffee.  Her parents drink Starbucks Gold Coast blend every day – never anything better, never anything worse, never even another blend from Starbucks.  This is not to say they cannot tell the difference.  The last time they were visiting I made my mother in law a cup of coffee that she was kind enough to call the best cup of coffee she had ever had in her life, but it did not make her rush to change coffees or trade out her superauto coffee maker. 

My parents drink even worse coffee and claim to love the coffee I make them, but it does not stop them from returning to bad coffee when they get home.  Now my wife, on the other hand, wants good coffee, but she does not want diversity.  That contrasts with me, where I often want 2-3 different coffees in a given day and certainly do not want the same coffee for a week on end no matter how good it is.

We reflect this a little bit with food.  If I love a dinner I am happy to have it two days in a row, but no matter how great it was I am unlikely to ever want it three days in a row, but my wife would gladly eat the same dinner for a week if it was good.

I also wonder if this is reflected in wine or beer.  Both my parents and hers will drink the same wine for weeks on end (or in her parents’ case years), but I would go crazy drinking the same wine every day for weeks.  I guess I would be willing to commit to an experiment though where I drank the same $100 bottle of wine ever night for a few months if anyone wants to fund it (hey I might even go for the same $20 bottle if donors start lining up).  On the other hand on wine, unlike coffee, my wife falls solidly in my camp.

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