How much coffee to use?

One of the nice things about making coffee at home is the ability to adjust your coffee to your own preferences. One of my own preferences is to make a very low amount of coffee for drip brewing. When I mean low I mean low I like it at about 30 grams per liter, which is half the 'golden' amount that is recommended by most coffee roasters 60 grams per liter. I just find the coffee made from a drip brewer preferable at this range.

For the longest time I felt like I was missing something by brewing this low. However, I came to a pretty good idea that it's what I like to do with an auto dripper, so why change? So I was pretty happy to see in the manual of the Bonavita Coffee Maker that gave a recommendation of the amount of coffee to use at my level as the way many people prefer their coffee at home, but that many coffee shops use much more than that.

Obviously, like I started with this opining the great thing about coffee is that you can make it anyway you like, but am I missing a reason why someone would be absolutely opposed to brewing coffee in this manner? Well, besides being the roaster that wants me to use their coffee up quickly.

The reason I like it so weak is that I find like other who like to put sugar and cream in their coffee that flavors of the coffee a little more easily or more. Where as with a high dose the coffee tastes too concentrated, the mouthfeel of the coffee just overwhelms and I really do need cream/sugar in the coffee to enjoy it out of the auto-dripper.

The werid thing is I do prefer Clever Dripper and V60 at the 'golden' ratio. So just like brewing preferences it's all just preferences, now excuse me while I do and measure out 40 grams of coffee for the morning.

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