How many tampers do you own?

I have been really enjoying the posts that others have placed with the
voting widget, so I thought I would put one up.  That was fun so I
decided to go for broke and put up another today.  What I am curious
about is how many tampers people own.  

I confess I am also curious about how many tampers I own!  I guess the
ground rules need to be laid out.  Do you count the plastic ones that
come with machines and I think the answer is yes.  

By the way, I like the fact that my newest machine – the Elektra T1 did
not come with any tamper at all.  I had not thought of that till I
started putting together the poll.  

Now I am the first to say that tampers are just about the least
important tools in a barista’s arsenal, but I like a decent one (which
need not be expensive at all) and I rather like them as art.  I guess
that is obvious since I have one of the ones I made as my photo on my
blog posts.  

I would gladly answer 2 – one for my 58mm baskets and one for my 51 mm
lever, but it is not true.  Since I got in the habit of making them as
art I ended up with a few extras.  I have the two plastic ones that came
with machines I bought before the T1 (I guess I should have sent the
plastic one along when I sold the machine, but I did not think about it
and I did throw in a much better one.)

I guess I now have 5 tampers – the two plastic ones, the first one I
made that was not very good, but that I cannot quite stand to get rid of
because of romantic attachment and then one good tamper that I made for
each machine that I have.  Oops then again there was that second one I
tried making that was too good to throw away, but not good enough to decide to stop there and make no more.  I took it apart as a model for the better ones and never got
it back together, but in theory the parts are out there in the house
somewhere just waiting to be reunited.   Alas that makes 6 and that is
truly overkill.  

I guess the only solution is to throw away the two cheap plastic ones
and proclaim myself reformed with only 2 tampers per machine? 

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