How I decide what to order next

Hey guys, I’ve mentioned before that I seldom order the same coffee twice, because I like to try new blends and roasts. So every time I get ready to order new coffee I tend to do a little bit of research on what to order.

Roaste turns out to be a great resource in recommending new coffees if you know what you like and know how to manipulate the search filters. For example, I don’t care for flavored coffees so I tend to automatically filter those out of my results.

I can then take a serious look at the rest of the results. I especially like to look at the best selling and average customer review results because by looking at the reviews and popularity of a blend I can often times deduce whether it’s something I would like.

You can’t just go by the top sellers though, because then you might miss out on some new, awesome up-and-coming blend. For that you can click the new arrivals and see the offerings. These are more of a gamble though, because they haven’t received (many) reviews yet. Still, it can be fun to roll the dice every once in a while and sometimes these are blends they’ve offered before, just not on Roaste.

The other source I draw from is the blog posts. For example, I probably wouldn’t have have ordered from Deep Cello except they made a post explaining their process and so I wanted to check them out. The detailed reviews of other posters has also influenced my decisions on what to order next.  Plus, the blogs give you the ability to ask the poster of a review more detailed questions about his review that might give you more of an opinion on whether a particular blend will suit you.

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