Honey Processed Coffee. Heaven or Hype?

It’s breaks Deep Cello's heart to hear that almost every coffee on the planet leaves all its sweet cherry fruit for the bees and other critters of the jungle.  When a coffee shrub is harvested, the cherries -with two beans inside- are bright red and sweet. The beans are stripped out of the fruit and they are left to dry on the ground in huge drying bins in the sun, tended by rakers who keep turning them over to dry the beans before they can become molded.

Farmers in the Middle East and Horn of Africa sometimes use the metal rooves of their houses to dry the beans out of harms way.  But at the same time, all that luscious coffee fruit is left behind.  What if some of this cherry fruit could be saved and become part of the coffee?

That’s the secret behind Honey Process, which uses raised drying beds and screens to enable some of this amazing fruit to be saved along with the beans.  It’s the secret behind Deep Cello’s Panama Hartmann Honey Process Coffee.  This prized roast comes from deep in the Panama Jungle, and kudos to the Hartmann family for making the large investment that enables them to Honey Process the coffee.

If you’d like to learn more about Honey Process, check out Ninety Plus Coffees, which helps farms make investments in quality and stewardship.

Deep Cello's Heirloom Panama Hartman Honey

Ninety Plus Coffee

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