High Jump Now Deep Cello's Top Seller

OK, we've all heard about the power of brand; that a brand can change the fortunes of a company or product.  Yeah, kinda sorta so what.

Over the last year, the co-founders of Deep Cello have worked fun to create fun and interesting brands because we think that they can increase the quality of the experience of working with Deep Cello.  At last we were surprised when in August, we started shipping our High Jump roast.  It's now our top selling coffee.

 We have intentionally set the price low to see if there was a market for us at this lower price on Roaste.  We have not been selling much here, and can't "make it up on volume."  Our underlying cost has risen (coffee has gotten a lot more expensive this year to purchase), and so there are still a few days left to purchase it at the introductory price! 

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