Hi-Rise Bread


1663 Mass, Cambridge


Go to Hi-Rise Bread...for the coffee!

Hi-Rise has a few locations in the area and just opened a very nice space north of Harvard Law. It's my little oasis post-class.

When I say "just opened," I mean that. They opened last week.

Big big windows, high ceilings, little wooden tables. It's lovely.

Unlike the Simon's, the pastries here are absurdly delicious. Yes, those are $3 cookies but upon eating, you'll feel like you got the better end of the deal.

The espresso is always very good and usually great.

A recent trainee pulled me a beauty, plus they also have more experienced folks behind the counter. The trainer pulled me a shot of Ritual better than Ritual pulls Ritual. Best shot in months.

Boston coffee culture is slowly changing for the better....just as I'm cutting down on my coffee consumption. Just my luck.

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