Heat Gun Metal Bowl Home Roasting - Part Three

As you who follow these blogs know by now, I have been experimenting with home coffee roasting using an eight dollar heat gun from Harbor Freight along with a metal bowl and a wooden salad fork to stir with (I think I forgot to mention the wooden salad fork last time). This experiment has produced som surprisingly good results for so simple a process.


Sure enough, I went back to the well again today - I wanted to mow the grass before the predicted rains came this evening but my plan went awry. The mower had a flat front tire. I pulled off the tire and rim so my wife could run it up to the local service station for repair.  My teen age son, who was helping me with yard work, and I took a break while we waited for the tire to return.


In the lull I noticed my heat gun and bowl sitting on the rack in my garage. I went inside and measured 228g of Brazil Cerrado. I tried something different by pouring the beans into a mesh deep fryer basket that I inserted into the metal bowl. Not sure if it helped or hurt but the chaff separated quickly using this method. I feared the roast was not progressing as evenly using the extra basket so at three minutes in I dumped the beans in the bowl and roasted the rest of the way inside only the metal bowl.



Good times here based on the numbers and the visual and olfactory clues and cues - It took 7:45 to hit first crack (a powerful one too) with a finish at 12 minutes on the nose. They look and smell respectable to me but I have not cupped them yet. The roast was cooled and packaged in a glass jar about the same time my wife came back with the repaired tire. I managed to get my roasting jones on and still mow the yard - all in all a decent Saturday afternoon!


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