Hawaii’s Tribute to Coffee This Week

Today the Hawaiian coffee industry kicks off a week-long tribute to coffee and the industry in the state. Hawaii is not just the only US state in which coffee grows, but it’s the source of some of the most spectacular coffee in the world. Maureen O’Connell reports on the highlights of the coffee celebration in Waikiki. The event will feature coffee tastings and pairing sessions, seminars on coffee in Hawaii, an exhibit of local coffee-inspired art, a latte art competition for baristas, entertainment and a chance to shop for the Hawaiian products. Two celebrities in the coffee world will be featured: Pete Licata, national barista champ from Hawaii, and Shawn Steiman. Steiman, author and coffee expert, will discuss different aspects of coffee growing. There will be many more exhibits and displays. One of the most intriguing is an image of Diamondhead, created from hundreds of individual cups of various shades of coffee. Kid’s activities will take place every evening, as well as other activities such as a demo involving free sweets. At least a few of ROASTe’s Hawaiian vendors will be there, including Lion Coffee, Rusty’s Hawaiian and Royal Kona. With the success of and demand for Hawaiian coffee growing, the Hawaiian coffee industry has much to celebrate. It’s a success story that just goes to show you what a little tropical climate, mountains and a covering of volcanic soil can do. Hipahipa! (Hawaiian for “Cheers!”)

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