Hartmann Honey Process Supply Dwindling

Justin informed us yesterday that Deep Cello has less than fifty pounds of Finca Hartmann Honey Process left.    We've heard that there is some kind of dispute with Hartmann and their importer. Sadly, we have not yet been invited to order a new supply.   We invite anyone who loves a rich, fruity, wine-like coffee, to purchase some while supplies last.  We also want to thank the multitudes of people who have purchased the 300 pounds we had in the beginning!   

It's been fascinating to taste the coffee as it has aged.  In fact, its aged suprisingly well and has a slightly different flavor profile than it's "fruit bomb" beginnings.  The finish is softer, with fewer edges, and there is more pencil lead and kind of a first growth finish to it.

We encourage people to take advantage of the chance to taste this one of a kind coffee.  We will keep everyone posted as to when the next batch shows up in the roastery! 

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