Hario, opening the box experience with Pics!

I have received my Hario Mini Mill Slim model from UPS almost a week ago and have been using it almost daily to make coffee with my aeropress. I will share my usage experience latter, but now I just want to share my excitement when I open the box to the new grinder! Most of my coffee gears are bought used thus when something new like this comes into my possession, I'm very much excited to open it up! The grinder came nicely package; the box is simple but protective enough for shipping. The grinder and its handle are wrapped in plastic cover and it all came with a simple instructional sheet. However, the instructional sheet does not contain intruction in English; but the good thing is the mechanic of the grinder is very simple and just by looking at the pictures, it was enough for me to get started. The grinder is quite compact, seems like well built but only time will tell. I was hoping this grinder would be made in Japan but it is actually made in China; not that it matter too much as it still seem like a quality peice.

I will get started on comparing it to my other grinders soon! 

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