Hario Mini Mill Grinder & Aeropress Video


I have blogged in the past about my experience with the Hario Mini Mill grinder but never took any video of it before. So this week, since I'm off from school and have a lot of free time, I decide to film myself making coffee with the Hario grinder and the Aeropress, which is my favorite coffee making device. I'm thinking that this combination of Hario grinder/Aeropress is a perfect Christmas gift for someone like a student who need to have coffee at school or someone who want coffee at their office (although for someone who work at an office, there are more flexible options). 

The time it take for grinding about 12 gram of coffee in the Hario is actually very fast (faster than you would think for a hand grinder actually) and takes only a little more than a minute, during which time the water would be heating up in the microwave. I did not edit out the time it take for grinding for acurate representation of the actual grinding time so I hope I don't bore anyone with it.

Here is a brief run through of what I'm doing during the video:

- Engage the pluger into the main aeropress unit so that the rubber is up to number 4 mark. Actually you can put the rubber higher if you want to brew less coffee or stronger coffee.

- Make sure that the whole platform is stable so you don't end up with hot liquid spilled everywhere or worse on yourself.

- Heat water (I'm using a glass bodum french press to do this in the microwave)

- Put the paper filter into the black cap and put it over your cup

- Rinse the paper filter with hot water; this step is crucial and accomplish 2 goals: wash the paper taste out of the filter and warming the receiving cup.

- add some hot water into the aeropress assemly to preheat it.

- Add coursely ground coffee (or finer grind you want shorter brewing time; a good starting point is ground that is finer than french press)

- Add hot water to the aeropress up to the top to saturate the coffee ground; start timer

- Stir using the included paddle for 10-15 seconds make sure all the ground are saturated

- press gently; ideally should last for about 20-30 seconds.

- clean-up the Aeropress and enjoy!

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