Happy Thanksgiving

We at ROASTe.com wish you and yours a warm and meaningful Thanksgiving. We hope you have a pleasant day filled with family, friends and good food.

/files/imagecache/product_page_large/files/Brazen-Hazen-Kona-Coffee-Gift-Basket-2.jpg" title="http://www.roaste.com/product/brazen/Brazen-Hazen-Kona-Coffee-Gift-Basket-0" align="right" height="415" width="384" vspace="10" hspace="10" alt="http://www.roaste.com/product/brazen/Brazen-Hazen-Kona-Coffee-Gift-Basket-0" />After the Thanksgiving festivities are over we offer an opportunity to relieve some of the stress of holiday shopping. As you look ahead to a month of preparation for the Christmas season, we would like to suggest some great gift ideas that are sure to please at least a few people on your list. By ordering now, you can cross off a name or two on your list and save time, but also be assured that you are selecting a gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

Think of those on your gift list who love coffee and would enjoy some Italian coffee. We offer a beautifully packaged coffee-to-go gift set that not only includes ½ lb of delicious Italian coffee, but also the chrome and glass French Press pot in which to brew it and an attractive tin in which to store it. We even include a measuring scoop. It comes in a designer tote bag that will come in handy for carrying items to your next holiday party. See it for yourself.

For the special people on your gift list who would like Hawaiian coffee, we also offer a beautiful Hawaiian lauhala gift basket filled with two bags of Award-winning Brazen Hazen 100% Kona Coffee- a medium roast bag and another of dark roast. This coffee, grown at a 1900 feet elevation on the western slope of the Big Island’s Hualalai volcano, is shade-grown.  The volcanic soil, seasonal rainfall and afternoon cloud cover provide superb growing conditions which produce some of the best coffee in the world. The lauhala basket is woven with leaves from the tropical hala tree. Find out more.

Why not order each of these gift sets, and include another for yourself as well? Remember, the shipping and handling are FREE on these items.

And do have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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