Happy National Anniversary Days to Ecuador and Ethiopia!

Happy National Anniversary Day to Ethiopia and Ecuador!

This week marks the anniversaries of two of our favorite coffee countries – Ecuador and Ethiopia. Ecuador celebrates on May 24, and Ethiopia follows on May 28. ROASTe salutes these two nations and the coffees they produce.

Did you know? It’s interesting that both Ecuadoran and Ethiopian coffees grow in mountainous rich volcanic soil. When the need for extra fertilizer arises, organic is often used, so we have many organic coffees from both these regions.

Try Ecuadorian coffees for Ecuadorian Independence Day
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ROASTe’s Ecuadoran Coffees are sustainably grown and exceptional in quality. We offer several gourmet coffees shipped direct from Ecuador. All our Ecuadoran coffees are organically grown – though not yet organically certified. All are shade-grown coffees which benefit natural habitats, grown at the optimal altitude to bring out the right aroma, body and flavor. EScoffee coffees are Fair Trade to benefit the farmers.

Our customers say:
“PERFECT - will order again. Strong but still smooth - could be a tiny bit stronger but the taste is great” and

“A good robust flavor; A stronger coffee, no after taste. I would/will buy it again.”

Why not celebrate Ecuadoran Independence Day by trying Galapagos Ecuador Coffee Blend Direct,
Ecuador Specialty Coffee Blend Direct, or Amazonas Ecuador Coffee Blend Direct?

Buy Ethiopian coffee for Ethiopia’s Nation Day

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We especially salute Ethiopia, the very birthplace of coffee and still an important origin for great coffees.  Well-represented on ROASTe, most of our Ethiopians are organic.

Most people have heard the legend of how the goatherd named Kaldi observed his goats frolicked energetically after munching on some red berries. On closer examination, namely by chewing on a few, Kaldi noticed an elation that was new to him and excitedly shared the news with his wife. She advised him to take his discovery to the monks, which of course he did. The Monks heard that the berries affected the mind’s status and immediately pronounced the berries evil, throwing them in the fire. As we all know, coffee beans in fire results in an irresistible aroma. Evil or not, the Monks decided to re-evaluate their conclusion, raked the hot beans from the fire and plopped them into pots of water. Of course, the water absorbed the flavor, and the coffee beverage was born.

It’s been said that Ethiopia produces the most varied range of coffee tastes of any region – certainly they are well-known for the wild and rough Harrar and for Yirgacheffe coffees. Yirgacheffe in some opinions is the world’s most remarkable coffee, for its full body and richness with floral perfumes. Tribes people still harvest wild coffee beans from plants in the Sidama region. All three areas are represented on ROASTe.

Ethiopian and Ecuadoran coffees give us a lot to celebrate. Don’t let another independence day go by before sampling some of these world-renowned gourmet coffees.

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