Happy Mother's Day Coffee from Dean's Beans


My Mother's Day present from my daughter and son-in-law just arrived and I couldn't be more tickled, especially since I'm down to just my own roast in the house right now. I should have guessed that I'd be getting a pound of Dean's Bean's Happy Mother's Day coffee from them since I was on the phone with my daughter when I got the email from Dean's Beans mentioning that they'd make a $1 donation to MotherWoman for every pound of Happy Mother's Day coffee they sold -- and she said, "Yep, we've already seen that." But I can be a little dense sometimes. So... I was surprised and pleased when it showed up this afternoon.

And it's even sweeter to get it when my espresso maker decided to start working again just yesterday -- so even though the beans are only two days post roast, I decided that I had to have an espresso right now. As you can see from the video below, it's not perfect but it's not too bad.

The Mother's Day Coffee blend is a mix of Nicaraguan and Sumatran -- looks to be pretty close to half and half, though I'm going totally by eye here. The aroma knocks your socks off as soon as you open the bag -- full-bodied, deep coffee aroma with just a little chocolate underneath it. Nothing burned here -- in fact, the beans are a little lighter than my typical roast preference. The flavor lives up to its aroma -- this is actually one of the few coffees I could drink without cream, it's that rich and full-bodied. The mouthfeel is thick and syrupy. It almost feels like it's flowing rather than pouring. Really delightful -- I LOVE coffees that have thick, rich, bold body, and this really does have that. The flavor profile is sharp and biting, but not at all sour and not really what I think of as "bright". It's more stone fruit than citrus -- apricot and cherry with a strong exotic wood flavor. It leaves my mouth feeling the same way it does after cutting cedar planks, but it doesn't exactly taste like cedar. There's some sweet chocolate notes as well and something that reminds me of rosemary's bitterness. 

I mentioned that Dean's Beans has committed to contributing $1 for each bag sold to MotherWoman, an organization the provides leadership training for women in impoverished communities. MotherWoman is trying to raise $10,000 by July in order to offer the training to 25 women for free. The women will then go back to their communities and use their training to help bring change and improvements to other families and the community as a whole. If you're so inclined, MotherWoman is running their Moms Are Worth a Million fund-raising campaign through IndieGoGo, and offering some pretty awesome perks. They're also featuring this pretty awesome video and original song byThe Nields:

To all the moms out there, Happy Mother's Day. And for those of you still wondering what to get your mom for Mother's Day, can I just say that this was a pretty awesome -- and not very expensive -- gift?

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