Hand Grinders, has anyone tried them?

I'm really interested in obtaining a hand grinder for for grinding coffee at my school to be used with the Aeropress. Currently, for coffee at my school, I just preground my coffee on the Vario into an airtight container or plastic ziplog bag and hoping the coffee ground won't be too stale when it time for brewing. I'm wondering has anyone tried hand grinders and what do you think about them? Currently, I'm looking at the Hario Mini Mill, which is one of the most compact hand grinder on the market.

It reaceived a lot of good reviews from coffee enthusiats. It featuring a set of ceramic conical burrs which according to the experts helps with allowing the coffee ground to stay cooler during grinding. It has small polycarbonate plastic body which should be allowed it to be stick anywhere like a back-pack or lunch box.

However, I am wondering how it compare to the big boys grinders with motors? Do hand grinder produce consistent grind? Are these grinders durable and will last a long time? And realistically, how long would it take to grind about 15 grams of coffee at a grind setting that is appropriate for Aeropress?

Please help me out here :-) 

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