Had Enough Energy? Now It’s Relaxation Drinks

A whole industry wants to make money off of how you feel. No, that’s not the psychiatric field, but the beverage industry. The media buzz has been about energy drinks, supplement enhanced drinks that give you energy and help you stay awake. So of course, if market analysts know you drink something to keep you awake, the beverage gurus know you might be convinced to drink something to help you NOT stay awake. These newcomers are called relaxation drinks. Marketed to help you chill, relax or fall asleep, relaxation beverages do what chamomile tea, warm milk, reading a textbook, and turkey used to do – cause you to relax into sleep-fulness. Called functional drinks, both energy and relaxation beverages are those drinks with supplements added that promise to benefit you in some way. Most of them are sold in small cans with cool names. You can’t miss their prominent placement in the 24- hour quick-stop stores As with anything, there is always the danger of too much of a good thing. Anyone choosing to drink a high amount of any functional drink must watch their intake of the supplements in the ingredients. For example, potassium is one of the nutrients added to the relaxation drinks, as it is a muscle relaxant. Though it’s a necessary nutrient, too much potassium can cause uncomfortable and unhealthy side effects. So, remember to keep track of the volume of nutrients taken outside of natural foods. Coffee however is not a functional drink, because it’s natural and usually does not come pre-made with supplements. Depending on your body chemistry, it can be a relaxation drink or an energy drink, as caffeine makes some people very drowsy. For soothing coffees you might try these below.

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