Grinder Fixed

First I want to start by apologizing for not having photos as I really wanted to document this little repair on my Preciso just to show how easily it was resolved, what I can do is direct you to some of the .pdfs they have for repairing the grinder to get an idea of the repair I did.

Anyway, I had been having trouble grinding fine on my Preciso and the weirdest thing was it would sometimes not grind fine enough and other times be perfect. I had contacted to see if they could help me out. Of course they were able to and asked me a few questions to try and determine what was going wrong with my grinder.

Basically they just wanted to make sure that it was the grinder first, mainly just so they are not wasting everyone's time. They asked questions like the age of the beans used and the espresso machine. I understand this as I talk to people a lot about their problems with the company i work for and I have to make sure that it is our fault first, sometimes people get pretty insulted, but a good portion of the time it's something they overlooked on their end.

So what the tech decided was wrong with my Peciso was the adjustment ring on the grinder, and sent me out a new one on Friday, which I received yesterday. I didn't think the repair would be too hard, but really had no idea how easy it would be. It seem like it's designed with each part being replaceable so you don't have to buy a new grinder if any one thing fails. While there are people that question the plastic components of the Baratza grinders, due to longevity issues, since you basically just need a screwdriver to do any/all replacing and the parts are cheap on their site, it seems to be a non-issue for me.

I have had my grinder for just about a year and so they still sent out the adjustment kit free of charge, however if they wouldn't have it would've cost me only 8 dollars plus 2 for shipping. And really you can replace everything inside the grinder for about 150 including burrs if you happen to let take a bath or something. That seems pretty good to me.

For the replacement I just popped off the case of the grinder, and the adjustment ring just snaps on and off. So the old one came out fine and new one went right back where the old one was. I was start finish about 15 minutes and back to grinding.

When looking at the adjustment ring after finishing it appeared the adjustment screw had torn the plastic where it was holding the ring in place. This would explain why I could sometimes grind fine enough for espresso and sometimes not. It would just move occasionally.  Since my upper burr carrier also had a crack in it, I imagine that a small stone must've ran through causing the components to crack/tear, which they are designed to do. So kudos to design for not destroying the 40 dollar motor.

Overall easy fix and great dealings with Baratza.

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