Great stories about coffee mugs from ROASTe's fans!

So we had this cool coffee mug competition in the last couple of days on our Facebook page. Check out below what people have posted, so cool!!

And the winner was Rebecca Hall Potter with the mug below: "My husband and daughter (6 months old at the time) on my favorite coffee mug. Her smile just makes my day!"

It made our day too!!

/files/u3/Screen_Shot_2012-02-12_at_11_31_59_AM.png" title="Rebecca Hall Potter" align="middle" height="307" width="436" alt="Rebecca Hall Potter" />

/files/u3/Screen_Shot_2012-02-12_at_11_32_37_AM.png" title="Scott Lush" align="middle" height="318" width="465" alt="Scott Lush" />

/files/u3/Screen_Shot_2012-02-12_at_11_32_45_AM.png" title="Shawn Welch" align="middle" height="311" width="444" alt="Shawn Welch" />

/files/u3/Screen_Shot_2012-02-12_at_11_32_57_AM.png" title="Eric Welch" align="middle" height="324" width="459" alt="Eric Welch" />

/files/u3/Screen_Shot_2012-02-12_at_11_33_16_AM.png" title="Deb Powers" align="middle" height="223" width="458" alt="Deb Powers" />

/files/u3/Screen_Shot_2012-02-12_at_11_33_26_AM.png" title="Rhonda Winston" align="middle" height="413" width="459" alt="Rhonda Winston" />

/files/u3/Screen_Shot_2012-02-12_at_11_33_35_AM.png" title="Tish Duncan" align="middle" height="383" width="470" alt="Tish Duncan" />

/files/u3/Screen_Shot_2012-02-12_at_11_33_43_AM.png" title="Carrie A Groff" align="middle" height="342" width="465" alt="Carrie A Groff" />

/files/u3/Screen_Shot_2012-02-12_at_11_33_53_AM.png" title="Hillary Fields" align="middle" height="312" width="464" alt="Hillary Fields" />

/files/u3/Screen_Shot_2012-02-12_at_11_34_19_AM_0.png" title="Mec Ilta" align="middle" height="370" width="468" alt="Mec Ilta" />

/files/u3/Screen_Shot_2012-02-12_at_11_34_36_AM.png" title="Amy Johnson" align="middle" height="302" width="423" alt="Amy Johnson" />

/files/u3/Screen_Shot_2012-02-12_at_11_34_46_AM.png" title="Tim Lewallen" align="middle" height="369" width="443" alt="Tim Lewallen" />

/files/u3/Screen_Shot_2012-02-12_at_11_34_53_AM.png" title="Cathy Marshall" align="middle" height="301" width="401" alt="Cathy Marshall" />

/files/u3/Screen_Shot_2012-02-12_at_11_38_07_AM.png" title="Diana Antonucci" align="middle" height="320" width="500" alt="Diana Antonucci" />

Brew on!! 

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