Gourmet Coffee, an Affordable Luxury (Followup)

Here's a followup to my at-home expense calculations. Regarding a couple of things I didn't mention in the previous post (that jbviau and intrepid510 pointed out).

1) Shipping - Yes you have to pay shipping on Roaste. $5.95 per shipment, but there are ways to make that cheaper. First, if you order $39 or more from one seller at a time shipping is free. Of course most of us don't order $39 worth of coffee beans in one go. The other option however is Roaste PRIME, which is a great deal if you order beans every 2-3 weeks like me. It's $19 for 6 months (26 weeks) so that makes your shipping cost about $1.80 a shipment.

End result: $0.10-0.30 extra per cup.

2) Quantity - Someone mentioned that they don't save as much because they end up making much more at home than they would if they bought it while out. This is one of the reasons I like the Aeropress (or any of the single cup makers), it is a very good single serving coffee maker. I personally try to limit myself to a cup of coffee per day due to the high caffeine content (all bets are off if I have a deadline ;)). I make my coffee in the morning right before I leave the house. However, if you're the "make a big pot of coffee" type, this will drive your costs up.  Good news is you'll save money on shipping because you should be ordering larger quantities or more frequently than us one cup per dayers. 

End result: Variable, for one cup(17g) of coffee a day you're looking at about $0.75 a cup (w/o shipping), so for a pot (~50g) you're looking at around $2.25 per day. Marginally more expensive, but much better quality.

Thanks for the feedback and warm reception to my last post. I'm having fun writing these. :) 

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