Google Takes on Groupon - with Coffee

It was just announced that Google is now diving into the online deal-making business. As with Groupon, through these social buying services, consumers can buy coupons at money-saving prices. They can only be bought online, for short periods, so the deals can be quite good. The first deal Google will be making is for Floyd’s Coffee in Portland OR. The offer will be a $10 coupon good for Floyd’s coffee, selling for only $3. Though only Portland coffee lovers and those traveling to that Oregon city will be able to use this deal and those for other Portland businesses, Google will be making deals in New York and other cities soon after this week’s Portland launch. Google’s entry into this market comes after the company was turned down in a bid to buy Groupon. It’s Google’s competitive answer and coffee is the breakout deal. Portland was chosen for its regionally focused businesses that are local and distinctive. From Floyd Coffee’s point of view, it’s a short-turn deal with a $2000 limit and an experiment in marketing. Google’s had its hits and misses recently so it will be interesting to watch what happens with its online deals. Consumers stand to gain by saving a few dollars on products they love. Obviously coffee is a big attraction, but we already knew that. Be on the lookout - there will be good Google deals hitting more cities through the Internet soon. ROASTe has deals too. Just sign up for our emails or check Facebook to get a heads-up on all of them.

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