Good coffee always finds a way

So as some of you may already know my wife is pregnant and has not been drinking a lot of coffee as of late. However, for whatever reason she has been much more interested in it recently and been having a few cups every so often of either regular or decaf. Her interest in coffee though has been mostly limited to either it being made in a pot or getting a latte made for her and to just go without if I couldn't make one or was far away from a shop.

From the above I was very much surprised one day to get a text from her at work asking, "how long do I let it bloom for?" with the follow up message "nvm, coffee is sooo delicious"

Apparently, she decided that she doesn't like the new bonavita drip maker because she can taste the plastic Mellitta filter it uses in the coffee (she is pregnant so the taste is hightened) and besides the espresso machine the only other device I have that has no plastic parts is the Hario V60 that she took it upon herself to figure out while I was away.

It was nice to see that after a few years of making coffee at home that she started trying to make a cup besides the drip maker or the occasional french press. What I was really interested in knowing is the method that she used for the V60, because there are quite a few different ways to make it.

Her method that she liked was the pour and go method. Something akin to the Counter Culture method that can be found here. Basically putting in the amount of coffee that you want in the Hario and then letting the coffee bloom then filling the filter up with water to the top and slowly pouring it out until the end and letting it draw down. Very Impressed!

So this goes to show if you keep going down the good coffee route eventually it will sink in to those around you!

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