Ghosts Like Gourmet Coffee Too

haunted coffee counter in San Antionio

photo: haunted coffee counter in San Antonio

Hauntings aren’t just for old creaky houses anymore. Many of today’s upscale ghosts are attached to coffee houses. Maybe a person or former owner died mysteriously on the premises and the spirit just won’t completely leave. Regardless, there are coffee shops in the UK and America where still today, you can get free thrills with your latte- even a Casper-ccino if you dare! Or just enjoy the videos from the safety of your computer monitor.

First stop, Indianapolis, Indiana:

The Lazy Daze coffeehouse is the city’s most haunted. Its peculiar ghost can’t get enough of the restroom in the rear, or chess games. It can speak in both a man’s or woman’s voice, but can be heard asking “What are you doing?” Until the chess board was put away, the pieces would be found moved around the board. But "Lazy Daze ghosts are friendly and are not known to purposefully frighten anyone who visits or works there," insists Hunter, a paranormal expert who has immortalized the ghost s of this section of Indianapolis in the book Irvington Haunts. The Ku Klux Klan, gangster and murderer types have frequented restaurants in the area, so the ghosts could have any of several origins.

San Antonio, Texas, at “The Coffee Shop”:

The ghost in this shop started making itself known shortly after it opened in 2005. He gradually became bolder, starting out making noises when alone in a room and soon taking to hurling empty ketchup bottles and plates. He or she seemed to have something against the new ice machine, because not only was it the target of the flying objects, but the machine suffered a very unusual electrical problem – an “indestructible” widget turned up broken.

University of Toronto, Canada:

“The last remaining coffee house from Yorkville’s Hippie era is a featured segment of a haunted ghost walk near the Royal Ontario Museum. The coffee house is just part of a murder scene from the past. The promoters of the tour advise the participants to bring digital cameras in case the ghosts show up and allow their pictures to be taken. Many stories of haunting are shared on the tour.

London, UK where the Caspar-ccino appeared:

In this spooky tale, the barista was pouring the frothed milk into a cup of coffee when the image of a ghost suddenly appeared. She was not attempting latte art- it manifested on its own. She dubbed it the Caspar-ccino and served it to the customer, who took its picture for proof.

He said: "I thought I better get a picture of it in case anything happened to me. You can't be too careful when you're dealing with the spirit world. I was a little frightened but it was a tasty coffee and nothing spooky has happened to me since."

The barista was shaken, but it didn’t happen again.

New Orleans, Louisiana:

The Original Cafe Du Monde Coffee Stand has a ghost waiter, called Blue. Now a ghost waiter could be okay if he actually reported the order, but he’s not dependable. After taking it, he disappears. He apparently does nothing else, but the shop also is a vantage point for ghost watching, as it looks out over the Mississippi River which at this point hosts ghost vampires and zombies. Official Web site -

Ghost waiters, ghost latte art creators, ghost chess players…. Why is it that we don’t hear of ghost dishwashers or floor-sweepers? Now that would be a helpful ghost.  

Enjoy your Halloween, at home in safety with any number of delicious fall coffees from ROASTe.  Want some videos to watch while you sip? Here are a few:

Enjoy! Only if you dare......

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