Getting into Manual Drip Coffee: Hario V60 #2 ordered!

I have heard so much thing about different manual drip brewers such as the Hario, the Beehouse and the Chemex and have been itching to try this brewing method. However, I have not been able to have enough incentive to try it until now! I first started with brewing with a french press and really love the rich brew that I have been able to get with it. However, I have always been bother with the sediment issue especially when I'm making coffee for travelling. I then moved to espresso making for awhile and become uninterested in anything else that was non-espresso. When I started graduate school,  I begin to spend more and more time away from home and wish that I could take the coffee with me or better yet making the coffee in school; that is when I started to get into the aeropress! I love the thing; it produce a markedly different cup of coffee but very good nevertheless. However, now I'm itching to try something new with coffee!

I decided it was time to get into manual drip brewing with all the buzz on the net about this simple brewing method.

I noticed that the Hario V60 number 2 plastic cone dripper was on sale for a measly $7 and decide to take a plunge and ordered it. Now, I'm patiently awaiting its arrival, when I'm home today, it should be delivered and hopefully I will be able to brew up a cup tonight to celebrate the weekend! One thing I have forgotten to order with the Hario V60 is the paper filter, duh! Hopefully a trip to Jewels will yield something usable so I can use it tonight. I do not have the pouring kettle that people usually use these with so I will try using my latte art pitcher to try to pour water into the cone; hopefully it will work out! Eventually though, I will definitely pick up a pouring kettle like the Buono:


Any advices about what I should do before brewing my first cup with the Hario? 

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