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In a flurry of web articles several months ago, Burger King made the news with its decision to replace its popular Burger King coffee Douwe Egberts coffee with Seattle’s Best. The news is still being discussed online in comment forums, making this a current issue, especially since folks are asking for another source for the old BK Joe coffee drinks.

Burger King thought they had a good reason to change their coffee source. Maybe it was really the economy, but their stated reason was to provide more variety. The Douwe Egberts, used in a liquid concentrate form, was available only in cappuccino and latte flavors. BK’s nutrition information did not give a brand name for their regular coffees. With the SBC brand, they now offer iced coffees in mocha, vanilla and regular flavors for $1.89 and black coffee in regular and decaf in $1, $1.19 and $1.39 sizes.

SBC, as many know, was acquired by Starbucks, the coffee giant everyone loves to hate. That doesn’t mean that SBC is roasted as dark as the burnt beans of the parent company. In fact, according to our news sources, the SBC brand is advertised as a lighter variety than that sold under the Starbucks label. See for a related discussion.

Here’s the good news for former Burger King coffee fans: You can brew your Douwe Egberts coffee at home, as sells at least eight varieties. See all at: You might just start eating breakfast at home again! Or, pour your coffee to-go BEFORE you head for your favorite drive-through breakfast lane.

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