From Broke to Home Barista

Spring just doesn’t feel right without a warm cup of coffee to greet you every morning, but many of you are probably starting to realize that it’s taking a serious toll on your wallet. This Spring, become a home barista and save time, money, and the always looming possibility that your coffee won’t be made the way you like it. When you brew your own coffee at home, you’ll get a consistently delicious cup every time, and you’ll avoid the waste of time waiting in coffee shop lines on busy mornings.

Don’t know where to start on your home brewing journey? Don’t worry, we’ve got the ideal Home Barista Kit to help you get started and become the best barista in town. There are three different levels of the Home Barista Kit, so you can choose which level is right for you.

The first level is the Silver Package, and this kit is for those who are looking to try their hand at home brewing without committing too much. The Silver level includes the Hario Electric Buono Kettle, Hario V60 02 White Ceramic Dripper, and Hario V60 White Paper Filters (100 pcs) for $99.00.

The next step up is the Gold Package, which includes everything in the Silver Package plus the Hario V60 Range Server (600 mL), Hario Drip Scale and Timer, and Hario Acrylic Stand for $199.00. The Gold Package is considered the intermediate level on the home barista scale, and it takes you that extra step forward in your coffee journey.

The final level of the Home Barista Kit is the Platinum Package for $235.00. This level includes everything previously listed in the Silver and Gold Packages, plus the Hario Skerton Grinder so you can really become a pro. Nothing beats the taste of freshly ground coffee, and the Hario Skerton Grinder is guaranteed to provide the correct consistency every time.

Complete your transformation this fall from broke to home barista with a Home Barista Kit, and go from spending money rapidly on a mediocre cup of coffee daily to skilled home barista who brews the perfect cup every time. Or if you know someone who needs a little push to begin their training as a home barista, give one of these Home Barista Kits as a much needed gift to them- they’ll thank you later.

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