French Press with Etheopian Coffee

Went to Minneapolis to see some family. They had our itinerary planned out for us. We went to a restaurant that is on the Historic Register called A. W. Frost and Company. We had reservations on the patio which seated about seventy five to one hundred. The patio has the traditional white Christmas lights and candles to create romantic feel. Above the patio were these giant trees with trunks so big that you know they have seen at least two generations of people dining under their protective branches. We ordered drinks and appetizers and I felt a tiny drip of water hit me on my arm. I was like what happens when it starts to pour? We got some appetizers of duck and quail which were brilliant especially the duck. We could hardly see the food because it had turned dark. I had to pull out my flashlight application on my EVO to just see the food. We had just finished that course when it starts to rain. So we had to grab our glasses and menus and head down to the basement of this restaurant. There were not any tables down there only comfortable lounging furniture. We had a mad dash to find the most comfortable room with the most privacy. Once we all got there and our waiter found us we ordered our meal. I asked the waiter how often this happens and he said once every 11 days or so. I was thinking crazy. He said sometimes it rains so hard that water comes streaming in the basement. That did not happen. The food was really good. But the topper to this brilliant meal in my opinion was with desert. The waiter brings down two French Presses full of fresh roasted Ethiopian coffee for our trouble. My wife thought it was too strong. But I loved it! I drank both press pots because everyone else was full. I must get one. This might reignite my love for drip. I have been solo espresso until now. I would love to get a good drip machine but I will wait until our Bunn gives up the ghost. Maybe by than my wife will be okay spending 200 clams on an excellent machine for her. We'll see.

I just ordered a press pot and some Papua New Guinea Fair Trade Organic from Chazzano. I will let you know if it compares.

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