French Press in a long time!

Today I break out the French Press and use it to make a cup of coffee with it. I have not used it in a long time (may be one and a half month) since the time that I got my aeropress. whenever I was having a break from drinking espressos, I would used the aeropress for making coffee. But today, since I left the aeropress in school and forgot to take it home with me, I took out the French Press and make some coffee with it. 

1)  I grind up some freshly roasted bean (fifteen grams of Burundi, roasted to C+ to be precise) and grind it to a course consistency with the Capresso Infinity (will do a french press grinding with my Hario Mini Mill in the future but I left it in my school). 

2 ) Preheat the french press and cup including the filter screen part.

3) dump the hot water from french press and add in ground coffee

4) Add hot water (200 mililiters) and stir briefly, start timer and put on the lid to prevent heat loss

5) after one minute, stir briefly for even extraction

6) after four minutes, press and serve.

I enjoy the cup of coffee with a slice of Cheese cake. It was very delicious. However, I notice that there was some grassy note that I did not notice with the brew from the aeropress or the americano that I made from the same bean; perhaps brewing with the french press is more "transparent" and allow me to notice the roasting defect of the beans?

I will try this again tomorrow and see if I can taste the same ! 

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