French Cafe Au Lait

French coffee uses a light roast. Its color is called robe de moine because it resembles that of a monk’s robe. Here’s a simple recipe for brewing two traditional cups of French Cafe Au Lait:

French Cafe Au Lait in Cafe Le Select Paris1. Put about 2/3 ounce of finely ground coffee in a coffee filter – preferably one that allows the water to go directly through the coffee.

2. Pour boiling water into the coffee.

3. The coffee should come through the filter within five to ten minutes, in drops, not faster. If it comes through faster, refine the grind level.

4. You can now enjoy a café noir – black coffee. Simple!

5. For café au lait add up to 20% milk, according to your taste.

6. For café noisette (named for its hazelnut color), use just a drop of milk.

Add sugar according to your taste and take your time drinking it. This is a moment for you to rest, read a paper, talk with a friend, or engage in a heated political debate. Just as the French do in their Parisian cafes. Tchin Tchin!

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