Freezing coffee, are you crazy?... Actually no!

Given how important fresh coffee is to the flavor of espresso the coffee consumer has a bit of a quandary.  Coffee is at its best for about a week.  Depending on the coffee it might be starting at day three or so, or it might not be until day eight, but it is at its peak for at most a week and not far off for at most two weeks if you are lucky.  

If you want to buy coffee locally and are not fairly lucky, you probably cannot even find coffee locally that has not long ago passed its peak.  In my town there are a a few stores that sell good beans, but they are almost always past their peak unless you happen to time it perfectly.  There also are local roasts, but they don’t compare to the best roasters.

Here a company like Roaste comes in huge.  It gives you access to great coffees that are shipped to you the day they are roasted and arrive before they hit their peak.

On the other hand unless you drink an insane quantity of coffee or have a lot of coffee drinkers in your family you will seemingly either have to order one pound at a time or drink coffee not at its peak.  

Luckily there is a solution.  Frozen coffee when done well will allow you to order many pounds and drink it all around its peak.  It is essential that the coffee be frozen in airtight containers such as mason jars (which are cheap and reusable).  The freezer can give off smells to it if it is not airtight and the circulating air can dry out the beans.  This is why freezing has a bad rap, because when done badly it does ruin coffee, but if you divide your coffee into batches that you can drink in 3-4 days and fill mason jars of that size (for me it is usually pint jars, which hold about 6 oz of coffee) and remove them the night before you want to start using them you will be able to order many pounds of coffee and enjoy it all.

If you don’t believe me try it or even better read this double blind study where coffee experts froze coffee and found there was no significant preference between the frozen beans and the non-frozen beans.

Despite being biased against this theory my taste buds agree with the study

Also here are comments from Roaste sponsor Paradise…

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