For the Coffee Lover Who Has Everything: Designer Sleeves

If you’re a coffee loving Jimmy Choo fan, you may be interested in one of his latest creations. The designer who has become famous for his shoe and accessory innovations has turned his attention to coffee items. Well, at least one – the leather coffee sleeve. Reported on today in the Daily Coffee News, the sleeve is available in three colors: taupe, dark brown or black. Of course it wouldn’t be a designer item without the vanity signature label that drops the Jimmy Choo name in front of all your coffee drinking companions.

Using this sleeve may help you feel better about saving trees, but it won’t save you dollars. At $125 a pop, not many consumers in today’s economy will be running out to buy their full set of sleeves. Though they might save trees, from the vegan point of view, there would definitely be objections to the use of an animal byproduct. Then there is the problem of cleaning. How does one clean a leather coffee sleeve? It’s likely to collect coffee stains on a regular basis. The article didn’t say if the leather was protected against stains or if it was the washable kind. Just how long will it continue to have that classy look once the beige stains accumulate?

There are many coffee sleeves on the market for less than $10 that do a fantastic job. For example, there are the RuMe Cuffs that double as small wallets; the rubber-coated sleeves with handle that give paper cups the feel of a regular mug; there’s a silicone cozy for a few bucks; the felt cozy folds and has a tab designed to fit on a key ring; and there’s nothing like the DIY version. It’s not rocket science – you’ve probably thought of this before. But the next time you’re at the store debating over that next pair of socks, pick out a fancy decorative set and make cozies out of them. Just cut off the part that covers the foot, and slip the ankle part over the cup, folding it over if it’s too big. You can add all kinds of decorations and get as creative as you like. And the best thing is, when it gets covered with coffee stains, you can throw it in the wash or in the trash and start over.

Look at that – we just saved you $125. Now you have more to spend on coffee to put INSIDE the mug, rather than outside. Brew on, cozily.

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