First ROASTe Blog - Exploring my brewing methods of the bean : Automatic Drip

Over the years I've expanded my knowledge of coffee and have explored both various blends from many roasters and with that several different brewing methods.   

My initial thoughts for this blog post were to discuss the various brewing methods I have tried to date and then explore those I have yet to.   I hope you find it useful and feel free to leave comments.

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First and most common would be automatic drip.  It's the "gold standard" in coffee preparation for many yet in my opinion it has contributed to people enjoying bad coffee in the US.  The combination of stale ground coffee used by many and poor temperature control for brewing are the areas that cause me to say this method one of myleast favorite to date.  I do have a Cuisinart Brew Central that I use for larger gatherings and it does a nice job with fresh beans. 

It's not a secret that an automatic drip machine is very convenient for everyday use.  If you're someone who likes the convenience here are a few tips to better coffee in an auto drip machine. 

  1. Use fresh beans and grind to brew.  I recently reviewed a nice Maui Red by Armeno Coffee as a suggestion.
  2. Use the proper grind and dose.  You may need to play with these variables with a new machine to find what works for you. 
  3. Rinse your paper filter with hot water to remove the paper taste before adding your freshly ground coffee. Better yet buy a permanent mesh filter appropriate to your machine and avoid this step.
  4. If you're someone who drinks from a pot of coffee over several hours, consider one with a thermal carafe.   These do not have heating elements at the bottom of the pot to keep the coffee warm.   Over time warmers deteriorate the flavors of the coffee so using a thermal carafe eliminates this problem and keeps your coffee warm and in an oxygen free environment for the freshest taste.   Be sure to pre-warm your carafe with hot water before brewing to keep your brewed coffee hot for the longest possible.
  5. Use filtered water.  Coffee is mostly water so start with the good stuff!
  6. Use fresh beans ... from ROASTe!   Did I say that already?

In my upcoming posts I will explore other methods such as the French Press, Aeropress, Pour Over, Moka Pot, Vacuum/ Siphon brewing, Cold Brewing and Espresso Machines! 



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