Express Your Love to Your Valentine in His/Her Coffee

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Coffee history has given us a wealth of stories. According to some of them, coffee has played a part in romance. We think of Italy as the romantic coffee country, but consider its fellow to the east -Turkey. There, coffee rituals were important aspects of marriage customs and the woman’s role. Even in the harem, women underwent intensive training in the proper technique of Turkish coffee preparation. When prospective husbands sized up a potential wife, the taste of her coffee was an important consideration.

Lest you think such customs belong only to the past, think again. Still today, a young man’s family goes to the girl’s parents to propose the marriage. At that meeting,  a formal coffee is prepared and served by the prospective bride herself. She adds a test of her own for the prospective groom. She substitutes salt for the sugar in his cup. If he drinks the coffee without showing signs of displeasure, it shows that he may be good-natured and patient.

And how about this for putting coffee first in the marriage -during the wedding ceremony itself, the bridegroom had to promise to always provide his wife with coffee. Failing to do this was grounds for divorce. Were they SERIOUS about their coffee or what? 

Coffee may not play such a legalistic role in relationships in America, but many a coffee lover met their valentine over coffee.

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Get this Stainless Steel Stencil Coffee set and surprise your valentine!

Surprise your valentine with a perfect heart design in his or her coffee! Just use the heart stencil to make a perfect heart shape on top of the coffee. Here are the basic steps: 

•    Pour the latte or cappuccino so the foam* comes up to the brim of the cup;

•    Place cocoa powder, cinnamon and/or chocolate powder in a sieve of sifter;

•    Place stencil over the cup;

•    Sift in the powder to fill the stencil hole.

When you remove the stencil, you’ll have a perfect heart on top of the foamy layer.

*If you don’t have an espresso maker, you can foam the milk with a milk frother.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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