Experiment #2 - coffee body scrub

This is my second experiment in making bath/body products using coffee. Technically I used the grounds for this experiment not the coffee itself but close enough right? Cool

I tried this three ways. One using the sugar, one using the sea salt and a third using the sea salt with flavored coffee grounds (vanilla). All versions of this did make my skin feel good. I am not a big fan of the sugar though - it felt too sticky for me. I prefered the salt version. I liked the vanilla scented grounds - I could smell the vanilla in the scrub. The down side to making your own is that it does not last very long. The organic ingredients will break down and turn. From what I have read only make enough for a day or two. I did not want to rub this on my face but I did pat it on gently and left it for a few moments before rinsing off.  It felt really good. 

Coffee Body Scrub

Two cups of coffee grounds

1/2 cup of raw sugar or sea salt

2/3 tablespoon of massage oil (your preference as to brand. If you use scented the smell will overpower the coffee smell)

Mix together and use within a day or two.

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