Ethiopia Kochere-Three ways

This was my first experience with Madcap Coffee and I have to say I'll definitely try another. Ever since I had the Idido Natural Sundried from Counter Culture I've been in search of those great Ethiopian flavors that tasted so great about a year ago. Every time I try out a new roaster or find fresh beans locally I never turn down the Ethiopian. This is why I had to grab the Ethiopia Kochere from Madcap.

I've had this coffee for a few days now and have put it through my typical routines of Eva Solo, V60 Iced and also as espresso. It's tough to compare  current coffees to the Idido because my coffee equipment has changed so much since then. Back then it was a Baratza grinder and a french press. Now it a Lido and the above mentioned coffee brewers, to name a few. I guess the fairest way to judge this coffee is in a vacuum, even though that's incredibly tough.

The coffee is described as having:

"… a very sweet cup that is clean, complex with notes molasses and citrus."

In the Solo this description is very accurate. Using a 25g dose with ~500ml of water steeping for 4 min, I found the cup to taste sweet and clean. It had very minimal body, lightest I've ever had in the Solo, but I didn't find myself missing that characteristic with this coffee. As an iced V60 drip with 150g of ice, 150g of water and 12g of coffee I really enjoyed it. I think the iced coffee was my favorite so far with this particular bean. It had a nice density and a sweet after taste. Unfortunately I didn't really enjoy this coffee as an espresso. I pulled a 14g shot at about 200 degrees that looked spot on. It tasted very much of citrus, like lemon and grapefruit. It was very thick and slightly overpowering for me since I tend to prefer more sweet or chocolatey straight shots.

Even though I still have to try it in the CCD, the winner for now is iced coffee with this one. 

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