Espresso Vivace: Vita and Dolce initial impression

A few days ago, I hit up a big order from Espresso Vivace Rosteria on two of their well know and well reviewed blend from Roaste and was very excited for its delivery. The order was placed on the 14th of June and arrived promptly two days later on the 16th. And true to their promise, the coffee was roasted on the same day that it was shipped; applause to roaste and to Vivace Roasteria for keeping their promised!

The coffee was packaged nicely in shinny red bag and a pound was splitted between the two bags (so essentially each bag got eight ounces of coffee in it). This is a nice thing for Espresso Vivace to do because opening a huge bag of coffee will allow air to get into the bag and cause accelerated staling of the coffee. This way, you can open one 1/2 pound bag and enjoy right away while you can deep freeze the other one and defrost it later when you need it.  Also, another thing that I really appreciate is the quality of the bag; it is resealable zipped bag with valve on it; I imagine I can reuse this bag over and over again to put beans into it; a very nice touch, thank you Vivace Roasteria!




I ordered  up 3 pounds of coffee, which include two pounds of Dolce their espresso only blend while I have one pound of Vita which is their milk-drink blend. They arrived nicely packaged in sturdy cardboard box which is always appreciated as it protect the beans from be crushed. So I have a total of six bags of coffees to drink probably over the next 3-4 weeks or so. Of course, I will freeze the bags that I will not be drinking right away. So  because of this, I will have an oportunity to test out my hypothesis regarding freezing coffee! I believed that freezing in a proper freezer will be able to preserve the quality of these beans so let find out! Note that I'm using tape to tape off the valves on these bags that are going into the freezer. This is done as to prevent any exchange of air in the freezer and potentially ruin the coffee (not sure if this is true or not but I just do it anyway as other recommend it!)

Over the next week or so, I will be brewing this coffee as drip and as espresso mainly using my Nuova Simonelli Musica. I will see if Vivace Roasteria lives up to their reputation! 

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