Empty those drip tray!

So I encountered a problem with the NS Musica today morning! I woke up at 6am in the morning and turn on the NS Musica the first thing when  I woke up.  I started brew my first shot of espresso one hour later at 7. Made my cappuccino and drank it and enjoyed it immensely. Thirty minuts later,  I decided to go for a second drink, this time it would be a double espresso made with single origin bean (Tarzanian peaberry roasted to FC), the flow was a bit tight, and I might have ended up with an over-extracted shot but it tasted decent. 

I was going to do my usual after shot clean up routine in which I would extensively flush the grouphead and portafilter to remove coffee ground and then  I realized that water was dripping out of the Musica drip tray!!! The drip tray was full as I have forgotten to empty it the night before. I was so used to using the La Marzocco Linea which is plumb-in and plumb-out which means I did not have to empty the drip tray ever and that made me unconciously assume the same for the Musica? Anyway, I'm now having strong consideration about plumbing-out the NS Musica which is possible due to the ability to attach a tube to the drip tray. 

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