Eggnog Flavored Coffee

I thought long and hard before posting this thread since I am aware of how fragile street credibility can be and how easily it can be lost in the highly critical world of coffee connoisseurs.  I understand I may never be able to wax poetic over the rose hip acidity kissed by jasmine sprinkled graham cracker that I might find in the latest high grown honey prepped hidden region of the month if I continue with this blog.  How can someone describe angel's nectar in one post and then commit heresy in the next?

What can I say? I like my eggnog flavored coffee this time of the year. I have eggnog flavored K-Cups, eggnog flavored soft coffee pods, and eggnog flavored whole beans now thanks to Reunion Island.  The whole bean coffee almost floored me when I cut open the bag - the aroma was so intense!  It smelled exactly like eggnog which id something I have no idea how they pull this off so well. I have a dedicated flavored coffee grinder ( a must if you plan on buying whole bean flavored coffee - the grinder will forever carry the scent) that worked well with these beans.

I used 60 grams of coffee ground and then dumped into a cone filter and then the filter was placed into my Bonavita BV-1800 brewer along with 1 liter of water. Less than six minutes later a piping hot pot of eggnog flavored coffee was ready for my wife and me to enjoy. I like some flavored coffee a lot and eggnog flavored is one that rates very high for me - almost as high as my favorites Crème Brulee and Raspberry Truffle.  I make mostly regular unflavored coffee for myself but most requests from friends and family are for a flavor of some kind.  good thing for me eggnog flavored coffee is a favorite.

How did the coffee taste? Wonderful - like a cup of eggnog but none of the calories. It might not mix with a strong spirit like the real thing but if you like the taste of eggnog but prefer coffee, then eggnog flavored coffee should be on your short list this holiday season.  I wonder what others have each year around the holidays for a tradition in their cup?

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